Following tips can help you to work more effectively within your organization.

What should be translated?
application: Translations

There is a big difference between a technical text and a commercial text. At a technical text, text must be translated as accurately and precisely as possible. At a commercial text, it is important, however, that the message is transmitted as well as possible.
If doubts may arise always indicate whether your text will be used for technical or commercial purpose.

Do not use passive sentences in technical documentation
application: Documentation

When for example in a manual it is not clear who should perform the action, this can lead to erroneous constructions.
Example: "The bolt is automatically fastened by sliding the safety catch to the left."
For a user, it is not clear whether the device itself moves the safety catch to left, or that the user must move it.
When it says: "Move the safety catch to the left and the bolt will be fastened automatically" the use exactly knows what he has to do.

Avoid searching
application: Documentation, Classification, Spare Parts System

Searching takes time and time is money. This sounds simple, but we spend more than 10% of our lives searching.
By organizing things better we can find instead of searching!
Related to documentation this means that it should be logically structured and that text should be kept brief. Work with headings and subheadings, put everything in a logical structure and create a good table of contents.
Use images if possible, this clarifies the situation and saves time.

Our classification service is obviously the epitome of organization. All your products get their own code with specific characteristics, which enables faster finding and better comparing.

With our Spare Parts System, searching is history. Always the right information at hand in an orderly manner.

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