The quality of your source document

To achieve a good translation, some conditions must be fulfilled. Think of working with translators who have the target language as their mother tongue; translators who specialize in your field and a second corrector minutely looking over the texts.

But the most important is the quality of the source file. The translation can never be better than the original itself.

How to improve your source file?
Imagine yourself as reader; as a specialist, you will no doubt understand exactly what is meant, but can the reader understand it also? Have the document (if possible) also read by an outsider.
Are there drawings and / or pictures in the file that clarify the text? For example in a manual or installation description.
Are all legal demands (if any) met?
Is there a logical structure and is the information arranged correctly?
The above questions are some of the questions you should ask yourself before you present the document to your customers. A document showing your logo, after all, represents your company. It must be always of a high standard to maintain the right image.

Of course, your product or service comes first and gets the main attention, but a bad brochure, manual or text on the package may harm your image.
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