Product Documentation Required

For many products product documentation must be provided by law. This is documentation showing that the product complies with the requirements thereof. In other words, documents about the design of the product, the risk assessment, tests performed, the user manual etc. It can have legal consequences if this documentation is not in order..

Contract dissolved
‘The Court considers that the termination of the contract as requested by [plaintiffs] is justified by the failure of [defendant] regarding completing and delivering the required legal documentation.

Thus the Arnhem Court ruled on August 22nd, 2012 in a matter between a seller and a buyer of a fairground attraction. There was more wrong with the attraction than just the absence of the (technical) documentation. Buyer summoned seller to supply the documentation, which was not followed.

In the subsequent legal proceedings, the court considered that not supplying the correct documentation was sufficient to dissolve the agreement.

Is your product documentation complete?
This verdict shows that it is very important to be aware of your obligations regarding your product documentation.

D&TS can assist you in this
The basis of the technical documentation is often made in your company, but does it meet the requirements of legal documentation? We will gladly assist you.

D&TS is a specialist in producing technical documentation including:
Technical manuals (user manuals, maintenance manuals)
Quick Reference Guides
Quick Start Guides
Training material
Patent documentation (intellectual property)
Instruction sheets
Our team of documentation specialists provides a customized solution for all your documentation issues. The documentation is compiled in accordance with applicable EC directives. You can focus on designing and innovating your products and we will take care of the documentation on our behalf so product and documentation can be completed simultaneously.

Technical illustrations
Technical illustrations are essential to clarify the text in your documentation. Our technical illustrators can provide you with various solutions:
2D illustrations to show detailed diagrams of products.
2.5D drawings, these are converted 2D drawings to give a 3D view. These are usually designed in CAD.
3D illustrations that can be viewed from any side.
Exploded views, so you can see even the smallest part of a product.

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